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Should you buy an iPhone 8?

With all the big changes gone in the making of the iPhone Ex or Ten, there were hardly any changes between the iPhone 8 and 7. Most of us were hoping to see an all new(?) iPhone 7s this year, but Apple released two new smartphone devices this year. One for those who have enough money to buy gadgets while the other for those, who saved money for one whole year to buy the new Apple device. With very few changes on the iPhone 8, I must say it did have some major changes, listed below.

Faster than Ever

Last year iPhone 7 had set a benchmark and had proven to be the fastest smartphone by Apple and this year the big change in the processor did break the record. Apple’s A11 Bionic chip has proven to be 25% faster than the A10 chip on iPhone 7. A11 chip is manufactured using the same 10nm process used by Qualcomm for manufacturing the Snapdragon 835. Both the processors have been well optimized for operational efficiency and claim to be faster than each other.  Apple simply has been able to do well all the time with the little it has in its A-series ARM V8 6-core Silicon chip.

In the era of octal-core processors, Apple is still bringing its 6-core processor to fight war with others in the market. However, these 6 cores tend to light up simultaneously in order to provide the iPhone with a hell lot of horsepower to run on. Built on ARM64 with 64-bit architecture and 10nm FinFET technology, just like the 835, Apple’s chip seems to be doing a great job overall. Also, the A11 bionic chip comes with an on-die motion co-processor M11 which was an update to the previously used M10 co-processor. Motion processor is used to collect, process and store sensor data even when the device is asleep. This collected data then acts as a data set for applications to retrieve relevant information to perform the required action. iPhone X’s FaceID works on a similar principle of plotting a matrix of dots onto your face even when the device is asleep.

 Wireless Charging


Apple’s new iPhone 8 supports Qi Wireless Charging that allows for cordless energy transfer to your phone. However, the wireless chargers are sold separately and are available in Apple stores. Qi standardized wireless charging gives 50% charge boost in 30 minutes.


Better Battery

Battery performance sure has increased drastically from a 14 hour usage  on iPhone 7 to a 26 hour usage on iPhone 8. All credits to the A11 bionic chip that consists of two high performance cores and four power efficient cores all working simultaneously. This is the best Apple has ever invented.  However, there are various issues reported about the battery swelling on the iPhone 8.

Better Videos

Apple’s iPhone 8 sure has improved its video recording strengths. It now records 4K at 60fps (frames per second) and 1080p at 240fps which definitely means better quality. iPhone 7 recorded upto 4K at 30fps and 720p at 240fps. This sure has doubled.


Final Verdict

Apple’s iPhone 8 is the best smartphone Apple has ever manufactured in the lower range segment. iPhone X is always a better option to go with as there are a lot of major changes implemented in the making of the iPhone X. However, if the price seems to be problem, you should go with the iPhone 8. You should also remember that what you’re buying for yourself a smartphone worth $699, you’re paying for a glass back, no headphone jack, no fast charger in-the-box, fingerprint magnet made with the same boring 2014 design that just has the power of a more modern smartphone.

Reports say:

People are reportedly buying more iPhone 7s than iPhone 8s in the US


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