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Why I Prefer Budget Phones And Why You Should Too.

Why I prefer budget phones over flagships? Let’s see what is happening to the world of Smartphones in 2017……

The smart phone market has seen a paradigm shift in the recent 5 to 6 years.

But why?

Because people are willing to pay $1000 for a smart phone. I can buy two Acer Aspire E 15’s for the same price, by the way it has 256 gigs SSD.

These so-called flagships do have superior hardware and overall performance. But to what extent do we use a smartphone daily.

It is not like we do quantum computations on our phones every day. Or wait, do we?

The feel of having the best thing in the entire smartphone market is appealing but we have to sometimes question ourselves.

Most of the smartphone companies like iPhone, Google, or Samsung bank on customers curiosity and undying craving for the best quality and performance. Yes, we do need the best and we deserve to have the best of the best but is it worth $1000?

$900 to $1200 dollars is the standard price of any flagship in the market today.

Often, we forget the fact that budget phones give us almost the same feel of a flagship. Take Oppo or Vivo for example. These two smartphone brands are owned by BKE Electronics, which also owns One+. Though one plus is in the mid-range price bracket it is still an ounce more than what you usually pay for a budget phone.

It is a common assumption that cheap phones are bad in quality or performance. That is a very wrong perspective to look at. We don’t need a snapdragon 835 and IP68 on a smartphone. Snapdragon 625 and IP67 will do the same job as the former.

What we always look at is how many cores does the processor have, or what is the clock rate?

Did you know that in some cases an Octa-core processor fails to deliver the same through put as a quad core delivers?

If you are looking for something attractive in budget phones, MotoX4 and Xiaomi A1 are the best budget smartphones for the features they offer.

What Is the Major Difference Between a Flagship and a Budget Smart Phone in 2017?

I am not denying that flagships offer better features than an average budget phone does, all I am saying is you’re not missing out on anything. If a product is 90% perfect, people buy it and let’s say it cost around $200. You see, to increase the quality from 90% to 95%, you need to invest a lot in research. Also, coming up with a new design or boosting the quality from 90% to 95% gives Apple, Google or Samsung it’s USP (Unique Selling Point). Apple has Siri, FaceId, Bessel less AMOLED display; Google has Google Assistant, which is by far the most powerful personal assistant. Xiaomi doesn’t have to invest in Google Assistant’s production, but Google does. That is the reason why flagships cost more.

Each flagship is unique in its own way, comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. All these budget phones you see, they are just derivatives of those flagships.

Budget phones are cheap not because they offer you something less, they are cheap because they are monotonous.

If you are okay with mundane, go for the budget phones. Don’t think getting something mundane makes you mundane. After all smartphone is just another device you lug around every day.

Geek Warning’s Final Verdict

Buy a budget phone if you are okay with getting something as good as a flagship but not exactly the same. If not, go ahead and empty your pockets on so called flagships.

Remember, making you spend $1000 is just another marketing strategy.

Good marketing strategy always creates the need to buy supposedly the best one in the market. When Google says Pixel XL 2 is the best phone in the market we believe them because they are Google.

You have to take control on whatever you purchase. Don’t let anyone prompt you into buying something which is really not necessary.




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