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Without a Cellphone?

Mobile phones have become an essential part of all our lives. So essential, that we can barely not use it at least once an hour. Most of our day-to-day activities rely on that small box that keeps getting thinner every year.

Mobile phone is believed to be one of the biggest inventions that changed the way we live. Back then there used to alarm clocks that used to trrrrinnnggg early in the morning. Now, our mobile phone does it. Instead, it can also play you your favorite song to wake you up. Things are so advanced now that, we keep complicating things. When one problem is solved, another is created.

When this mobile-craze first started off, we wanted more buttons. BlackBerry was born with that beautiful QWERTY keypad that could make you fall in love with it. Then, we wanted bigger handsets. Samsung and Sony met our needs, the best touch-screen smartphones that one could buy. Apple was on too, but it was running a different race. They reinvented every phone and made it (look) unique. Then, we wanted bigger battery.  Lenovo did fairly well with its Vibe series. Everyone loves better User Interface. Companies then started to focus on their software. Google thought, “Why not make my own, when everyone makes use of mine?” Pixel was born. Curved screens somehow started looking more appealing. Edge series did the job. (I wish I could buy an Edge handset.) Then came bezel less phones. Better screen to body ratio and that shiny looking screen would definitely make you buy it. Now we have iPhone X, Mi Mix 2, HTC U11+, OnePlus 5T and so many more. (My favorite is the Mi Mix 2.)

Demands will keep increasing and these companies will make sure they meet our demands but also charge us ample sum of money for what we demanded. However, it is always useful to have a smartphone. In the era of Artificial Intelligence, where we have Virtual assistants like Google assistant, Bixby, Siri and Alexa, doing things, getting to places, buying stuff is much easier now. Just shout, “Hey Google” and your assistant is already listening to you. Smart phones make lives easier. Of course these layers of solid tend to take all the smartness from its user. It becomes a SMARTphone later.

We have had a great impact than the last couple of years with the intervention of social media. People have got so addicted to this trend that it is getting difficult to get rid of it. Sharing food pictures on Instagram, using Hashtags on Facebook, sharing your moments with friends on Snapchat is what kids in this generation love doing. Beware! Are these hashtags, photos, messages visible to someone stranger? Companies buy all this data to provide adverts to suit your requirements.

Let me give you a better example. You just posted a photo of a Fidget Spinner or if you even, searched for Fidget Spinner on Google. All day, no matter where you browse, you will only see Fidget Spinner advertisements from Amazon and Flipkart that would tempt you to buy one. Love it or Hate it, that’s how Internet works. However, give it a thought. What if you are looking for something that you do not want others to know about. You are always being monitored.

Smartphones are good when we use them wisely. Remember, we are the creators and that solid layer of silicon chip should be in our control. Make sure you read the boring section of Terms and Conditions whenever you download an app that asks you for too many irrelevant permissions.

How difficult would it be to live a day without your phone? Can you resist? Let me know in the comments section below.

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