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Why Tesla Model 3 Is The Coolest Car In 2017?

Tesla is cool for many weird reasons. The things they do with electricity are really, really dope. Did anyone imagine that an electric car can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds? I for one, certainly did not imagine that!

So what makes Tesla Model 3 Cool?

“….. Model 3 is going to be an incredibly safe car, we really believe at Tesla that safety has to come first, we care about you, we want you to be safe….”

– Ellon Musk, at Tesla Model 3 Launch, Hawthorne, CA

It can comfortably seat 5 adults

Nothing cool about that, you may think. That is where you are deeply mistaken. For a car of that size, comfort matters a lot. Tesla Model 3 is not a huge sedan, still the people in the rear seats can sit without making any fuzz out of the super cool driving experience.

You ask me, how is it possible?

They cut down the instant panels room and pushed the firewall. Oh, wait, Tesla cars don’t have a firewall, well they don’t need one.


I won’t blame you if you didn’t make any sense out of this. To make more legroom for the people sitting in the rear seats, they just pushed the driver side seats forward into the dashboard. They could do it seamlessly because they don’t have huge combustion engine in the bonnet.

The roof of the car is one single glass pane, so according to Musk, it should give you extra headroom. I don’t get the logic behind this, but hey! if it gives extra headroom I am up for it.

“… but the challenge obviously with building smaller cars is how do you still make it comfortable with a bunch of people inside?”

– Ellon Musk, at Tesla Model 3 Launch, Hawthorne, CA

More Cargo Capacity

Who wouldn’t want some extra space to fit in last minute essentials? I love what Tesla did with the trunk. Unlike other gasoline cars, as Tesla very fondly calls it, Model 3 has two trunks just like its predecessors. Fun fact is, it can fit a 7 foot long surf board, if you want it to.

Super Charging is Standard

Super Charging.png


You don’t have to pay anything extra for super charging. As Ellon Musk promises, ” … 3600 super chargers world wide by the end of the next year, which is double the number of super chargers present right now, and quadruple number of destination chargers“.

Musk is very famous for making very unrealistic promises. If he holds up his end of the bargain you will never have to worry about not having a super charger or destination charger while you are driving.

The Specs are Disruptive

Finally, the specs. No human can ever believe these numbers. Though these numbers don’t necessarily break all the existing records set by gasoline cars, you will still find them astounding for an electric car.

  • It can accelerate 0 to 60 Mph in just six seconds
  • EPA ration of 250 miles
  • Range 220 to 310 miles

“Even the base model 3 will do 0 to 60 miles in an hour or 0 to 100 Kph in less than 6 seconds.. at Tesla we don’t make slow cars and of course there will be versions of model 3 which go much faster”

– Ellon Musk, at Tesla Model 3 launch, Hawthorne, CA

Pic Credits_ Tesla.com_.png

The Gigafactory

Interesting fact is Tesla started battery manufacturing unit which produces 50 Giga watts of batteries in an year. When the overall foot print of the unit is considered, it is the biggest manufacturing unit ever made. All this is just to make those 500,000 cars per year as promised. Building half a million cars with Tesla standards is a huge deal and Ellon Musk promises to deliver.

Pic Credits_

Weird things about Model 3

Unlocking the door

Tesla being Tesla, we never get anything normal, down to the unlocking of the door. Unlike other cars, where you need to carry the car key around, model 3 doesn’t need a key, it opens with an app?! How cool is that? That alone scores +10 points.

If your friend needs to borrow your awesome car for a bit, don’t worry, your friend doesn’t need your phone. It gives a secondary card, it looks like a credit card, but it opens your car door!

Coat Hangers

Yes, you heard me right. The rear seats have coat hangers on each side! I don’t think I have seen this before in any car. Well, if you think you saw, comment below.

Door Lock

Again!  you don’t have that manual lock opener, since you don’t have a key. Instead of those clicky locks, we have nice tactical buttons. Unfortunately, these buttons work only when you have charge left in your car. In case of any emergency you can always you a manual door opener, but it is available only in the front seats. Good luck getting out when you run out of gas, wait, electricity!

The Hazard Light

According to the road safety regulations, you need to place a tactical red ugly button on the front panel of the car no matter what. Well, if you just place a big ugly red button near the control panel, it would totally take away the aesthetic pleasure of the interiors. To deal with the problem, Tesla placed it right above the driver on the roof near to the windshield.

The Climate Control Unit

By far this the most weird thing I noticed in Tesla’s build. Conventional climate control units are physically split into different units across the dashboard. Some are even placed near the foot space of the rear seats. But in Model 3, it is a single slit occupying a huge chunk of the dashboard. How do we control the direction of air flow you ask? There is one more secondary vent in front of the climate control panel, that secondary vent blows the air in up ward direction, which alters the direction in which air from primary vent is flowing. Phew! It is a very complicated solution for a very simple problem. Who knows how much math went into designing that particular weird climate control unit.

Oh, wait, using the Tesla app, you can control the temperature inside the car remotely.

Steering Wheel

What is so special about the steering wheel?! Well, you can adjust the position of it using two small rolling buttons embedded in the steering. Unusual, yet cool!

Geek Warning’s Verdict:

All of this amazing stuff comes at an affordable price of $35,000 bucks, which is way cheaper for the specifications Tesla’s offering. I bet this is the best car you can get in $35,000 price range.

Within the first 24 hours of the release more than 115,000 orders came in.

Have you ever seen people sleep in front of car dealer’s office just to pay the advance, also, the model 3 cars only ship in mid 2018, still people paid $1000 bucks to pre-order their Model 3’s.

What car in that price bracket would be cooler than Model 3? We think it is pretty awesome. Let us know what you feel about Tesla Model 3. If you like what we write, please like the post, if you think we can do better, leave a comment below, that way we will know to make you happy next time you come across our article.




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