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Fitbit Ionic’s Major Update Gives Users Access To 60 New Apps Including Uber, Lyft And FlipBoard

We have a lot of options today in smartwatch market sphere. If you are an android lover, you have android watches and not to disappoint iOS fans, Apple has three versions of smartwatches, the newest one being Apple Watch 3.

Where does Fitbit Fit in this scenario?

Fitbit is the leading watch company when it comes to fitness trackers, these days it has become synonymous with fitness. Fitbit is not really a great smartwatch but it definitely is a great fitness smartwatch.

If you are looking for a good smartwatch for daily use, you may have to consider buying an android watch or an apple watch. However, fitbit gives nice features for those of us who love to workout every morning. So, it doesn’t really compete with the mainstream smartwatches, but people do consider this as a good buying choice because of price.

What are the good things about Fitbit Ionic?

If you have ever used a fitbit tracker you would know how comfortable they sit on your wrist. Ionic gives you comfort and premium look both at the same time. The all metal body does nothing but accentuate the beauty of the build. Apple watches do have more screen area and less bezels, however, for the price bracket and fitbit’s legacy, Ionic is the best it can do for now. It is not exactly a smartwatch maker, is it?

The screen gets even better with 1000 nits of brightness. It is pretty impressive for a smartwatch, this also lights up the screen decently well. The colors are not too saturated on the screen, Fitbit managed to build a decent display for a decent fitbit smartwatch.

Fitbit promises that the battery life is durable with 4 days on stand-by and 10 hours on GPS switched on. If you are looking at long hours of workouts, you won’t be running out of the battery that soon.


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The GPS feature just makes it more usable on daily level. Every time you go on a run you don’t have to take your mobile phone with you. The in-built GPS tracker can locate your position and track your running and walking exercises.

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This smartwatch is water resistant which means you can go for swimming with your watch on. If we think about it, water resistance is a very useful feature, however, some people are inclined to think that this feature is overrated.

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The straps are replaceable with two options – Leather and Plastic. This only makes the usage of the Ionic more versatile. Usually, we don’t prefer wearing a fitness tracker to a date, no matter how it looks. But with leather straps and all metal body the premium look is inevitable. The plastic strap is very useful for workouts because when your hands get sweaty you don’t feel as if the watch is slipping out the grip.

According to the techradar review, the Fitbit is as light as it can get. They say that we won’t even  notice that it sitting on our wrists. This is something other android and apple watches lack. They are usually beefy and weigh more than they should.

You can answer calls, get notifications from the apps, alarm, and other regular stuff is available on the Fitbit’s newest member of the family.

Fitbit Ionic’s Major update gives users access to 60 new apps

When the smart-tracker first released the app store or Fitbit gallery had very limited apps. Most of them were 3rd party applications. Now with the new update Fitbit has launched more than 60 apps in its store. However only these apps, Surfline, Clue, Game Golf, Hue Lights, Walgreens, Nest, Yelp, Flipboard, The New York Times, TripAdvisor, Uber, United Airlines, British Airways, and Lyft remain available for current use. Some of the apps are slated down for releases in early January.

This addition of new apps really gives the Ionic what it was lacking in the first version. Ionic was mainly seen as a fitness tracker even though they sold it as a smartwatch. This upgrade in a way upgraded the Ionic from fitness tracker to a real smartwatch.

Geek Warning’s Verdict

May be the initial release was not a good option, even though it was cheap but with its new update, Fitbit really placed itself on the map of smartwatch sphere. Still if you need a good looking smartwatch go for the Apple watch 3, however the cheaper option would definitely include Ionic. The predecessor of the Ionic, Fitbit Blaze is the first smartwatch by Fitbit. Blaze is even cheaper than Ionic at $199.95 with Ionic priced at $299.95. The performance of Blaze is not as good as Ionic’s. If you are really buying a smartwatch, Ionic is not so bad as a choice.

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