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ai.type leaks user data?

Popular Android application ai.type allegedly leaked 31 million user data and it was until 2nd December that they agreed that the fault was on their end. Did the leak affect its users? Did the ratings drop? Do the developers have anything to say about it? Let’s find out.


This keyboard application sure has some reputation on the Android store. With an average user rating of 4.2 and is rated by over 6 million users. The main keyboard application has 10 million downloads and the development company ai.type has 71 other applications that can be added as additional features to the main keyboard app. There is an application by ai.type for almost every major language in the world and also covers 4 major Indian languages, like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Other apps include Emoji packs and Cartoon stickers. They have been known to give frequent responses to feedback and have a good fan following.

Do you really need to worry?

Such database leaks can be very dangerous to user data and this data could be easily available on the dark web. Imagine all your passwords, credit card details, personal information gone in the wrong hands within seconds. But, seems like all this didn’t happen in the first place. They sure did face a database leak but what was leaked? Most reviewers out there, might be giving you half information about the real deal. But, GeekWarning has you covered.

We got in touch with the developers of the application through a usual Play store comment and here’s what they have to say about it.

Developer Response

We collect statistical usage data, contained mostly anonymous usage patterns, user retention, ad clicks, views, CTR etc in order to improve our APP. There was NO sensitive data, and NO personal information or passwords.
We are NOT collecting\storing\sending any passwords or credit card details, not even on local device.

So it seems like, we’re all on the safe side. But, why and how did this even happen? Read on to find out the reason.

Kromtech Security has a similar story to tell. Research was on for around a week and what they found was, a MongoDB database that was irresponsibly configured with less security and on further insight, data of up to 31 million users that summed up to 577 GBs was found that contained full name, precise location, email and days app installed.

How did this happen?

This leak was the result of an insecure database server. Security researchers at Kromtech Security Center told Technovortex that, ai.type had not been adequately protecting its databases and this was the major reason behind the leak.

Final Verdict

ai.type is a trusted application on the Play store and we don’t think it may pose any threat to its users. However, keeping such an application installed is on the user. If you’re having a good experience with this keyboard app, feel free to continue using it. Or, using Google’s own keyboard application Gboard should do no damage.

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