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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: Is it the future of 5G mobile technology?

Qualcomm has always been known for its mobile processors. Snapdragon processors especially are built for mobile platforms and they pack the exact punch needed to run the mobile ecosystem without any hiccups.

Snapdragon 835 has been at the core of most of the 2017’s flagship smartphones, including Samsung galaxy s8, which we all have grown to love. Xioami, One Plus, and many other smartphone brands choose Qualcomm for a reason. Qualcomm gives the ultimate compatibility, usability and easier integration in the mobile devices.

5G and Snapdragon 845

With the 5G networks set to launch in the next few years, companies like Qualcomm are growing hungry to lead the 5G evolution torch. For a matter of fact, Qualcomm has been at the helm of 4G and LTE advanced and LTE plus networks. With 5G every mobile hardware manufacturing company is at a high speed race.

Can Snapdragon 845 be Qualcomm’s take on 5G networks? We already know it partnered with Sprint, a leading telecommunication company for its Snapdragon 835 chip, which featured 4G and LTE advanced networking capabilities. If Qualcomm partners with Sprint again, then we will be looking at high speed processor capable of connecting to 5G MIMO networks. We know 5G’s connectivity speed is in ten’s of gigabits.  That means streaming live videos, YouTube videos, you can even catch all your Netflix favorites on the go without waiting for them to buffer!

If everything they say is true, about being a part of 5G mobile revolution next year will just be the beginning of something big. The big question being India’s response to take on 5G evolution by next year. Because the flagship phones will definitely feature Snapdragon 845 with 5G capabilities but really in India we couldn’t go on par with 3G networks or 4G networks, what guarantee do we have now?

IoT and Snapdragon 845

Internet of Things has been around for a while however, it’s true companion is 5G networks, because the current network architectures finds it terrifying to provide room for another billion devices which will come online very shortly. If those devices come online on the existing networks, we will be looking at slower data rates. That is exactly the opposite of evolving so, we need 5G. These IoT devices, need hardware that support 5G, so again, this Snapdragon 845 can be the ultimate SoC which sits at the heart of variety of devices.

Geek Warning’s Verdict

If Snapdragon 845 is the chip of the decade, the chip capable of supporting 5G networking, then we are really fortunate. The rumors around 5G launch were so uncertain. Many people believe that the first 5G network will be launched somewhere in 2020. However, companies like Sprint were working on 5G networks for so long and they promise that they have progressed aggressively in this domain. We believe that 2018 will be the year of 5G networks, by then we would have long forgotten bezel less displays and moved on to something great – Connectivity.

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