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Always connected PC: The next gen laptops?

December 5 marked a very important event in the tech industry. We have all been craving for longer battery life for so long and it is like finally God heard us! Qualcomm heard us! Now, Always on PCs are a thing! According to the presentation (Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, 2017, in Hawaii) the laptops are supposed to have a stand by time of 30 days. Can you imagine not charging your laptop for a month? I certainly can’t. But the trends in 2017 have made us believe the unbelievable. FaceID, Bezels less displays, Sophia (AI robot), just to count a few.

We know how powerful Qualcomm chipsets are. It sits at the heart of our beloved smartphones. Imagine it in the hearts of our daily drivers – laptops. Taking laptop to college or office is a task in itself. Though we have Ultrabooks, which give more battery life and comfort while carrying, they are not enough. Lugging a power chord around every time we go out is hell. Always connected PC promises a great deal, but will they hold up their end of the bargain when they finally release the product?

These laptops essentially promises it’s customers three things:

  1. Long Battery life, up to a day while video streaming, and 30 day stand by time
  2. Your laptop is always connected to the internet. You don’t have to carry dongles or WiFi hotspots. Where ever you go you can access high speed LTE connectivity.
  3. Zero boot time. Meaning, you don’t have to wait for your laptop to load before getting on with your work. As soon as you open the screen you can start working. Instant access.

Always connected laptops are more of an extended version of smartphones. This extended version does not limit your windows experience. All of these laptops come with a Windows 10S user interface with a possible upgrade to windows 10 home or pro. These laptops also sport Qualcomm x16 LTE Modem, which is perfect for fast connectivity and higher data rates.

Asus (NovaGo) and HP (Envy X2)  launched their Snapdragon 835 powered laptops at the same event.

Asus NovaGo


NovaGo is a conventional 2 in 1 with upto 256 GB Universal Flash Storage (64 GB, 128 GB variants are also available), 4GB or 8GB RAM, and a battery life of 22 hours active usage. This 2 in 1 should cover your needs all through out the day without craving for extra power. NovaGo comfortably supports 2 USB type A ports when other laptop makers are cutting down those ports to make the laptops thinner. It also has one HDMI port and a headphone jack (Something not seen in today’s laptops!).

For 4G LTE connectivity, this laptop features eSIM and Nano SIM options. The display is decent with Full HD resolution with a screen size of 13.3 inch.

Asus also priced the base model at $499 and a higher end model at $799. If you see, these prices are not exactly pricey or cheap. 2017 released smartphones at the same price as NovaGo. Ultimately, NovaGo is not a bad choice for the world’s first always connected 2 in 1 convertible.


HP Envy x2 is a clone of surface pro due to the form factor, but it is very different from a surface pro laptop. They did tweak the surface pro’s design to make it unique for HP laptops. The kick stand in envy x2 is not attached to the device but it comes with the keyboard. Apart from that, Envy x2 pretty much looks like a surface device down to the keyboard experience. The travel time is good with nice tactile feeling to the keys. Believe it or not this is not something we usually see in Hybrid devices these days.

HP Envy X2 is rocking a 12 inch screen, which is kind of small for gaming, video editing or photo editing, video streaming. Envy x2 offers a 20 hour active battery life. This device is powered by Snapdragon 835 and Qualcomm X16 LTE Modem makes sure your hybrid is always connected to the internet. Envy x2 comes with 8GB LPDDR4 and 256 GB storage. Which is pretty much the same NovaGo is offering.

The pricing of Envy x2 is not announced yet but judging by the previous HP laptop rates, we can expect this to be somewhere around $800.

Until today we were trying to make the laptops form factor look like tablets’ – for comfort reasons. However, we never really thought about the performance and accessibility. Tablets and smartphones are so much accessible because they are small, they weigh less, they give us comparatively larger battery life (at least some of them do), instant access to the screen and you can work on the go. These features slowly gained access to the laptops and this could be the beginning of something incredible.

Lenovo is also partnering up with Microsoft and Qualcomm to build their own Always connected PC. The launch of the device was not officially announced yet, but we can expect something from them very soon.

At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii, Qualcomm announced another biggie, you can read all about it here. With Snapdragon 845 in play, we can expect a lot more from these laptop manufacturers in 2018.

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