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What’s with the red?

A lot of cellphone companies are now investing money into the production of a new color series. Companies like Apple and OnePlus are doing great with their usual sales but after this new red joins the production line and the news is lit in the market, the shares go up and more investments are seen. This Royal Red has been in the eyes for quite a long time. Samsung, Huawei and Opportunity are in the news too. In the initial stages of a cellphone launch, the fancy usual colors are sold each year with new names like pitch black, jet black and black-black with literally minute differences, and then the limited edition red color is dumped into the market. Is it really difficult to get hold of these limited edition handsets?

Red is considered lucky in some parts of Asia and is also rated to the Lunar Holiday in some way. Soon after the launch of the OnePlus 5T, the company revealed a brand new edition is up for sale too but will be available only in China. This ‘Lava Red’ edition will be available for a whooping $454 but the company hasn’t confirmed if it is going to be available in other countries as well. Samsung released the burgundy (somewhat red) variant of the Galaxy S8 and not the S8 Plus.

Huawei revealed the ‘Beautiful Red’ variant of the Honor V10 in China for $454 and mentioned that it will be available in other countries too.


Apple too had released the iPhone 7 as the ‘Aids day Red’ variant globally. HTC didn’t want to keep their silence though. They brought the red variant of HTC U11 and it did catch a lot of attention.

Red just looks too fancy and is definitely an eye catcher. No matter how old a model you own, this red sure seems to retain the new look. It’s becoming a trend now but we don’t see red colored phones so often, do we? Truly, limited edition then. The sales are boosted and the revenues make up for the previous losses the company has suffered.

What do you think about these red smartphones? Would you want to own one? Let us know in the comments section. And, be sure to hit the like button it you did like this red article. 😀

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