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iPhone 2018?

Well, we’ve all seen the top notch bezel-less iPhone Ten. Oh, I mean iPhone X and this brilliance sure comes at a price. With the latest advancements in technology that Apple has implemented in it’s finest device, there are some drawbacks too. And, Apple has it noted already. Out of the box, this device comes with iOS 11 which is as buggy as it could be. More applications need update to support the top notch and let’s not forget that there are some premium features still in beta, like the Augmented Reality show off and camera portrait mode. Battery has seemed to be better on this one though. But, do you know how this battery is placed inside of the iPhone X?

Hold your hands at right angle to each and that’s it. There are two batteries placed in an L shape and Apple sure wants to get rid of that. Companies major concern is to increase battery life of the smartphone. This remains a constraint because people love thin devices and bigger battery obviously means thicker phones. Reports have shown that smartphone users are more comfortable with thin phones while being ready to compromise the battery capacity.

With no big points on the list, Apple is currently working on making a perfect battery that fits into the inside by providing the user both a sleek phone as well as a better battery life. Apple has all the sensors and chips it needs to get that iPhone working but all these sensors require power to run. It has been reported that the 2018 model of the iPhone will have an additional 300mAh battery capacity which means a whooping 10% extra power. Coming up with a new chip will prove beneficial for the handset provided the phone is not burdened with a bunch of other unnecessary features.

Increased efficiency and power is definitely on the list though. What other features are you expecting? Will this be the iPhone 9 or iPhone 11 or iPhone Y? That just blew my mind. 😀

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