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Foldable Smartphone: Is it the future?

How many of you have heard of what Microsoft is working on? Yes, they’re coming up with another smartphone. The Redmond based tech firm has been working on a foldable phablet which has evident from a lot of sources. In this article, you’ll know what Microsoft has revealed so far about its upcoming flagship. Microsoft has its way with certain things. Surface series is very popular in the United States but it’s branded “Too Pricey” here in Asia. I’ve used a Surface and I must say, I haven’t seen anything more beautiful after that. The build quality is so good that you’d want to see it every once in a while. It feels so sturdy and so comfortable when you’re typing on the keyboard which is an additional accessory. they have their way of making things good. The hinges on this one are too good to be real. Sources have reported that Microsoft will soon be announcing the official launch of their foldable smartphone.

Why are they coming back to making a smartphone?

Microsoft has gone through some really bad days after their acquisition of Nokia. Their software was not good enough to be used or it was at an early stage. The first impression is the last impression, just like it’s said, it is exactly what happened with Microsoft. They were not able to convince their users into buying their products again. Windows 10 came to smartphones and it was a disaster. They released the Lumia 950 and 950 XL and no one wanted it. But it looks like they have more to show us. Is the foldable smartphone real? I have a few pointers to support my statement and let’s understand how each of it can actually be true.

  • Too many patents filed

Microsoft has filed a lot of patents to get to the final design of this  foldable smartphone. In one of its patents, it is evident that the camera lens is placed on one side while the imaging module on the other. This will work together when the phone is folded to the smartphone mode from the tablet mode. It is also seen in the document how the camera will be hidden by a mechanical flap when the tablet mode is on.


  • Job Listings

Microsoft has reportedly been updating its job listing and one such post is for a test engineer/manufacturing engineer who has an experience in working with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 845. This clearly denotes that the upcoming flagship will sport a Snapdragin 845 processor. This was indicated in a job posting by ABAL Technologies, which is a HR provider with Microsoft.

  • Journal App

It was also reported that an application was found on the Windows store that would require a two screen display. Journal app will give the user a book-like feeling which will allow him to make notes and read texts. This may also confirm a stylus pen for the foldable smartphone along with a two screen display.

This will be difficult as the mechanism involved in the folding of smartphone might not last for a really long time. More displays would require more battery which means heavier phones and like i mentioned in my previous article, people prefer light weight phones than heavier ones with more battery. Have any idea as to how Microsoft is going to solve these problems? Let me know in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article before leaving this page. 🙂

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