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Microsoft joins the competition to build a Quantum Computer

Machine Learning is a trending topic of the future. With a lot of advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it is getting to difficult to run these heavy codes on usual computer. The computers that we deal with everyday consists of an compiler or interpreter that converts high level language to machine code. This machine code is then understood by the computer as 0s and 1s. But, a supercomputer takes it to the next level by introducing Qubits. Qubits are those that can be 0 and 1 at the same time, which means for every two Qubits there can be four possibilities. If you didn’t get that, you should check out this article. This makes computing a lot faster. Hundreds of algorithms can be executed simultaneously and in seconds.

How is Microsoft doing it differently?

Microsoft is taking all possible measures to make their Quantum Computer commercial. But, if the computer has to be made commercial, it will have to be less prone to errors. Microsoft recently announced a new programming language, Q # (Q Sharp) that helps coders build software for these powerful machines. They also have simulators that helps them test their software on a classical computer or on Microsoft Azure, its very own cloud engine. The tech giant has taken a different approach towards solving the problem. It is trying to build the machine that is trying to control a quantum particle called Majorana Fermion. Microsoft has also revealed that the engineers are very close to being able to control this particle to perform the required calculations. The company has already started talking to its customers and proposing quantum-inspired services for certain problems.

Qubits have only been able to kept in the quantum state for a fraction of second and once the Qubits leave that state, they produce errors. Errors that will defy the very sole purpose of using a Quantum Computer. However, this hot topic is still in the research phase but once officially announced, it’d definitely change the way we look at technology. IBM just announced their Quantum Computer that can operate on 20 Qubits. IBM was also able to simulate a 56 Qubit Quantum Computer on a classical machine. The power that a Quantum computer holds is massive and it is getting difficult to overcome the law of physics in this classical world.

The technology is still emerging from a long research phase, and its capabilities are hotly debated

Microsoft also denoted that they are working on a topological quantum computer that, in theory will support more stable Qubits than any other machine. Such a machine that Microsoft is planning to make will have a minimal error rate and will be 1000 to 10000 times faster than other Quantum Computers in the market. Reducing the error rate is seeming more important if they are planning to make the Quantum Computer commercially available. In order to solve real world applications, machines with lower error rate would be preferred. And, if my Microsoft gets it at the right time then it’s JACKPOT. How important do you think a Quantum Computer could be to all of us? Statistcal data, Numerical conversions and what not in a matter of seconds. Let me know what you feel about this change? If you did like this article, be sure to share it with your friends. Let’s spread knowledge together. 🙂


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