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Why iOS 11 is the most ambitious update that Apple has ever made for its mobile platform

Apple tries to deliver the perfect design and the perfect user experience with every device it sells. But why has it taken Apple nearly a decade to come up with iOS 11? The reason is unknown but as far as the experience goes, it the best update for Apple’s mobile devices.

But Why?


Believe it or not, Multi-tasking is one of the most important features for mobile devices. May be phones may not use this feature efficiently but tablets can make the most out of it. The choice of having more than two screens open at a time is great. You could be watching something in YouTube and at the same time you can make notes or check emails or browse web. You got to chat with someone on Skype, you can have that to. iOS 11 let’s you open a sub-tab inside the multi-tasking window. So, you can chat, browse web and watch YouTube all at the same time.

The Dock

Do you remember the dock which was introduced first in iPad version 1? Yes, that is what I am talking about. We had a dock at the bottom of the screen that could literally fit infinite apps. These apps were able to run in the background. Whenever you feel like the apps are using too much of your RAM, you can go ahead and delete the background process. I think that was the Apple’s first attempt at Multi-tasking. But we did not see that feature in the later versions of the Apple. Now, with iOS 11, the dock is back. You can literally place hundreds of apps in the dock instead of only the important ones.

The Files

We have never really seen Files in any mobile devices. For the matter of fact, that made things complicated. For instance if you download a PDF from the web, where does it go? You will have to open it with iBooks or you can store it in any PDF viewer. If you wish to delete some file, you need to go to either iBooks or Photos or Videos separately depending on the type of file. iOS 11 will be the first update which features Files, Apple’s file management system in mobile devices. Note this, Files can only manage those files which are in the cloud, it can be iCloud, Google Drive or Drop Box. The ability to manage files local to the device is still not facilitated in the mobile platform.


Apple’s siri is one of the best personal assistants out there. Siri seamlessly outperforms Amazon’s Alexa and Smasung’s Bixby. However, Google Assistant can not be outsmarted yet by Siri. More often than not, Siri gets updates on the server side. We may not even notice but Apple is trying really hard to push the envelope in the direction of making the perfect personal assistant. Siri is in it for a long haul. With iOS 11, the Siri’s ever boring robotic voice is replaced by a more humane and normal voice. It is a big improvement. Siri also comes with two modes. You can either type or talk to Siri. However, you can not enable both type and speak mode at a time like they did in Google Assistant. Every time you want to interact with Siri differently, you need to enable the respective function in the settings.


We may not realize how handy it is to have this feature available. Once you take the screenshot, there are bunch of things you can do with it. You can either swipe left to save it or tap on it to edit it. The edit window has markers, pens and crop tools to customize the screenshot. Once you are done playing with it, you can either save it or share it.

Control Center, App store, Drag and Drop.. a lot of things are new to us. But what really matters at the end is user experience. We have been trying out iOS 11 for 2 months. We really appreciate the effort made by folks at Apple. Genuinely all Apple products look premium but are they really premium? There are sill a myriad of things which Apple did not fix. Well, everything can’t be solved with a software update. You can increase the user interaction and experience but you can’t change the hard truth that Apple devices lack a lot of things at the atomic level.

We have been compromising on many things. We have compromised on number of ports on the Mac, we have compromised on head phone jack on new iPhones, We have compromised on extended storage, we have compromised on compatibility, we have compromised on extending the hardware limitations by installing new ones, we have compromised on lot of things.

We think iOS 11 is the most ambitious software update because, this update is the beginning of something new. May be Apple will realize what the core platform lacks, but iOS 11 is definitely a start. Kudos to the team at Apple which helped to shape the most ambitious update Apple ever had.

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