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Porsche Design Made its First Weird Convertible Laptop: What The Heck?!

Porsche cars are work of art. The performance is next level, but what about Porsche Design’s Laptop? Hold on a little longer to find out what Techno Vortex thinks about this weird yet intelligent Porsche Design’s convertible laptop.

Though we are little late to the party, since this laptop was launched in April this year, but this Book One is definitely worth talking about.


When you first look at it, you may see a smaller size surface book 2 instead of Book One. However, the similarity ends there. The specs are ravishing, but without a discreet graphics card, it is a huge gamble by Porsche Design. The outer surface of the laptop is beautifully built with aluminum and the finish sure does look premium. The bottom part (Key board) has something we all wanted in 2017 laptops. The I/O is very thoughtful with 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB C ports (One on the left side of the base and another one on the left side of the screen), a microSD card slot (Lack of SD card reader is a shame), a headphone jack, which sits at the right side bottom of the screen unlike Surface Book 2, where the headphone wire dangles from the top and gets in the way of typing.

Hardware and Display

The hardware inside this Book One, is state of the art. With 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U processor the laptop should be crazy fast. The real shame is not having a dedicated graphics card. This will seriously disappoint those who love to play and work on the same device. However, the screen is pretty good with 3200 x 1800 QHD display. The colors will definitely punch out because of QHD and the screen also has IPS, which means it is okay to spill some water accidentally.

The trackpad is windows precision certified and it sure looks big. The touch and feel of the trackpad is also satisfying but the keyboard is little bit of mess. The keys are small when compared to a Surface Book, thought the travel time is good the placement of the keys spoiled the entire experience. If the keys have been little bigger it would have been comfortable to type.

The Wacom’s Book One Pen comes really handy when you are down to tablet mode. Just like window’s pen you draw, click and do a lot of creative stuff with this pen. This pen is powered by AAAA battery. When the pen is not in use, you can snap it on the right side of the screen.

Other things you should really know about

The Book One comes with a windows 10 Pro. However, according to The Verge’s review, the whole system was lagging sometimes and in some cases it required a full system reboot to make the trackpad, keyboard and the screen responsive again. When you are paying a whopping $ 2.5K and with such high end hardware, you shouldn’t be looking at glitches like this.

Well, Book One managed do something right at least, the hinge design is unique and it is better than Surface Book 2. Porsche Design says that the hinge design was inspired from a “gearbox in a sports car”. This may as well be a marketing strategy but the fact that this hinge is special is undeniable. The screen detaches from the keyboard pretty easily with a press of a button, which is placed on the right side of the keyboard. If you are using it as a regular laptop, the screen goes all the way down and then you can easily turn it over to use it as a convertible without detaching the screen. However, Microsoft failed in this aspect, the screen in Surface Book goes back from the natural position but not all the way like Book One.

Battery and Charging

The laptop charges via the USB type C port placed on the left side of the keyboard.The battery really does not pack any extra punch, however 14 hours screen on time with one time charge is considerable. This laptop rocks a 70wh battery and it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Final Thoughts

The entire laptop including the screen weighs 1.5 Kg. This is pretty beefy for a notebook but bearable. Perhaps Porsche should try and copy the LG Gram’s weight distribution. All these specs, seems incredible but the performance of the laptop should be top notch when you are paying $ 2.5K and this is what Porsche missed. Rather focusing on how well the laptop looks, by the way it is not by far the most awesome looking laptop, they should be really thinking about performance and smoothness of the platform. Ultimately we use a laptop only when it gives us the experience we want and works well with our requirements. Though it has lot of issues under its hood, there are even worse laptops out there. May be a second version of Book One would fix all the issues.

So, should you buy this laptop?

We think there are better options out there, but hey if you are a fan of Porsche Design by all  means go ahead and buy. However, you need to live the consequences.

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