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Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumor roundup and expectations

Almost 3 months into the release of the Apple IPhone X and we already have news of the upcoming flagship killer, the Galaxy S9. The mobile space has become extremely competitive and as a result brands are pushing flagships as fast as they can, and this time all eyes are

‘END OF LIFE’ for the IPhone X: What the heck?!

The crown prince of Apple, the IPhone X might not see its first birthday. Yes, if the reports are to be believed, the IPhone X might get dethroned  this summer and buried  for ever. Well, all we can say is RIP!! So here’s what happened: Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the most

Here Are The Latest Tech Trends In 2018?

The huge promises made by tech in 2017 are just remarkable and now that we have entered 2018, naturally we grapple for something intangible turned into technology. At CES 2018, the tech they unraveled is just mind blowing.But that is just what the beginning of 2018 can give. There is

The latest and greatest at CES 2018

It’s that time of the year again, when manufacturers showcase all the ambitious projects they have been up to, some of which finally reach the shelves for the consumers to buy whereas others end up into half hearted attempts. Yes, Consumer Electronics Show is here, and this time we actually

What’s the tech behind a Pixel 2 camera? Is Google trying to make a point here?

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, especially in recent times when camera has become the USP of flagship Smartphones. Dual cameras are a thing now, although they were first seen in as back as 2011. However, it came to limelight when Apple introduced the IPhone 7 plus and the

How is Blockchain a better shot at privacy and decentralized authentication?

Let's talk about proxy servers, before we go into Blockchain. Privacy is everything in today's internet. We use Virtual Private Networks to connect to remote locations without comprising the integrity of our identity. What we essentially do, is hop over different networks until the host can't retrace the steps back