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The latest and greatest at CES 2018

It’s that time of the year again, when manufacturers showcase all the ambitious projects they have been up to, some of which finally reach the shelves for the consumers to buy whereas others end up into half hearted attempts. Yes, Consumer Electronics Show is here, and this time we actually have a revolutionary new technology that is certainly going to make its way to the customers. The Under-display fingerprint sensor, showcased by Vivo, powered by Synaptics stole the show. The bezels are now going to shrink even more and with the extra space at the back of the device, brands get room for a larger battery and what not. It adds a premium feel to the device and makes the smartphone look dope!!


Smartphones aren’t the only big deal this time. Razer as usual drew a lot of attention with its Project Linda. A whole laptop designed to work as an accessory to the Razor phone. Interestingly, the laptop only has a keyboard, battery and display. Everything else is powered by the Razer phone, which seamlessly fits into a cut out replacing the track pad. The keyboard obviously is RGB, because it’s Razer!!!


Yamaha’s booth too was crowded with people in awe, and rightly so. Yamaha had on display a self-balancing bike, and it is an AI beast. With every push, the MOTOROiD shifted its center of gravity and somehow managed to not fall.


The coolest, however, in my opinion was the 65” rollable TV by LG. Yes, it is flexible and actually rolls down into a small rectangular box at the press of a button. You can actually adjust the amount of screen that is outside the box and is viewable, so the aspect ratio can be changed to 21×9 ultra wide, and LG has designed some pretty good UI to make use of this.


Apart from all this, CES 2018 is loaded with hundreds of other cool tech. Cleaning robots, drones, playing robots can be seen everywhere. Electric cars as usual are a major attraction this year too, most of them however are merely concepts. The good news though, is that the rollable TV by LG might just be available for customers bythe end of the year.

We will keep you updated, as more stuff continue to show up and end up becoming the greatest at CES 2018.

PS: CES 2018 which is the greatest Electronics show, suffered an embarrassing power outage!!

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