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Here Are The Latest Tech Trends In 2018?

The huge promises made by tech in 2017 are just remarkable and now that we have entered 2018, naturally we grapple for something intangible turned into technology. At CES 2018, the tech they unraveled is just mind blowing.But that is just what the beginning of 2018 can give. There is a lot more we didn’t even bother to look at!

Roll-able TV, Smart cars, Smart Speakers, Smart Displays, Always connected Laptops, Gigabit technologies, 5G Networks, Internet of Things… All of these are a reality now. But what will be The Major Tech Trends we might see this year?

Smart Cars

Yes, I know, we have been hearing a lot rumors about self driving cars, driver less cars, and cars with auto pilot mode (Tesla model 3 and other higher end models) and a ton of other phrases. Tech giants like Google, Tesla, BMW and others are willing to take up any challenge to make this a reality. Truth be spoken, we are no where near to launching a fully automated car. However, the research shows promising results and prototypes are already out, which means within a year or two we can expect the first wave of driver less cars on the roads. However, the first batch of them may not be as we expect, but there is always chance to develop. Compared to the other technologies self driving cars are still young, they need a lot of polishing and patch up work to become something tangible, to become something that we can use everyday on the go.

Facial Recognition

This is not a new thing to Apple iPhone X users. However, this is one of the most thriving technologies today. The tech has plethora of applications. Though the image processing part of the tech is developing everyday, the results are not very absolute. Apple has done it with iPhone X and it looks pretty good actually. But still there is a lot of room for improvement. The popular belief is that Facial Recognition will be a thing we use everyday to get things done. 2018 might just be the beginning of the era of Facial Recognition. Facebook, Google and other tech partners are already ahead of the game with their own little experiments. Facebook also announced that it is planning to recover the users accounts with Face Recognition, which is simply awesome. So, look out for new apps that support Face Recognition. We are sure that it is not a long wait..

The Web of 5G Networks

This might be it. This might be finally the year 5G is born. We all know that, cellular evolution has taken place every 10 years. It is nearly 10 years that 4G has first come out. Major Cellular Network companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are moving forward with the 5G ball game. We have dreamt of gigabit speeds through our cellphones and apparently you don’t have to dream anymore. This is not just about how fast our devices connect with each other, 5G answers some of the most challenging problems of our age – resource allocation and spectrum congestion. If you have no clue what those are, don’t worry. What it essentially means is, there are far too many users than the resources and with every increasing user it is a struggle to maintain the balance and secure the integrity of the web of networks that we so meticulous built over the years.

Internet of Things was waiting for so long. Now, there is no stopping for this beautiful piece of tech to take its rightful place, that is among the users. Soon, may be in 2018, your homes will be connected in a way you have never imagined off, your devices will talk to you, suggest you, and hell they might even take decisions into their hands and think over them while you sip a steaming cup of coffee. This is all happening and 5G is the backbone for everything. Without having the means to connect instantly, and without high speed data transmission all of this will remain a dream, like it was nothing more than a theory. However, tech companies are very sure about 5G taking its place in 2018’s most precious technologies, they even started to build their devices around 5G.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Today, AI is power. It enables humans and machines alike to see the world in a different way. In some way, it has taken substantial burden off our shoulders. As much as we need AI, AI also depends on us equally. This is the kind of relationship we built with this tech. There are people who think, AI is more dangerous than we all know of and hell it may even end the world. For those of you who think that way – This is not Terminator movie, we live in reality not fantasy. When Robotics first took its place amidst us, we were so scared that it will end the world and it will unleash the hell on human world. However, nothing of that sort had happened.

AI is a just tool which will bring a kind of artificial consciousness into the devices we use everyday. To make our lives simpler than they are. What we don’t know is, the future of AI. Definitely this is the best thing that has ever happened in the 21st century, but where does it lead our researchers. Day by day we are finding about the things we never imagined off. Now, AI has come to a state where it can defend the cyber attacks thrown at us by hackers and defend our systems and networks from any kind of malicious worms. This is such a big achievement. Four years ago, we needed cyber attack handling units in our offices,with people working round the clock. Think about the ways AI has changed even the smallest things we do in our daily lives. The way read news to the way we sleep and eat and dress up. It is everywhere! That is the reason why we included AI in this list. Because no matter how much it develops there is still something new and unexpected that comes out of this and 2018 might just give us the miracle we all want through AI.

If you think there is more to this list, feel free to comment below and we would love to hear your ideas.

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