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Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumor roundup and expectations

Almost 3 months into the release of the Apple IPhone X and we already have news of the upcoming flagship killer, the Galaxy S9. The mobile space has become extremely competitive and as a result brands are pushing flagships as fast as they can, and this time all eyes are on the Galaxy S9. Samsung has dispatched official invites to the launch event taking place in Barcelona on February 25th, ahead of the Mobile World Congress. The past few days have been raining leaks and here we bring a brief round-up of what we believe might turn out to be true.

The official invite for the launch event of Galaxy S9.

Starting off with the design, much to the happiness of everyone the headphone jack might be retained in the Galaxy S9. Even smaller bezels are expected, given that back in April Samsung was reported to be working on a new lamination process. In terms of the feel and aesthetics nothing breathtaking is expected, since Galaxy S8 had pretty much nailed the design and S9 would tread the same path.

Much like every other flagship, the focus again is on camera. ‘Camera Reimagined’ is what the invite says and we are expecting better low light photography this time, owing to the leaks suggesting a F1.5/F2.4 aperture rear camera. The phones are expected to shoot at 240FPS at Full HD and 60FPS at 4K. The Galaxy S9 will reportedly have a single lens at the back, whereas the S9+ will feature a dual lens system, or so we think. Samsung has been working on a new ISOCELL camera technology and a single lens with variable apertures might be possible. So, fingers crossed!

The fingerprint sensor, will once again be housed at the back, but this time it is probably gonna lie beneath the camera. A welcome change in my opinion, given that in the S8 you practically had to reach out for the fingerprint sensor and most of the times people ended up smudging the camera instead.

The leaked image showing the fingerprint scanner beneath the camera and a headphone jock at the bottom.

The phone will probably feature bottom and front firing stereo speakers tuned by AKG, and I personally am very confident regarding this, given that Samsung has been playing with the idea of stereo speakers lately. Also, the headphone jack on the phone rules out any possibility of a wireless headphone.

In the processor department, Samsung will once again launch region based devices where some countries would get the Exynos 9810 whereas others will get the Snapdragon 845 built on the same 10 nm architecture as used in the Galaxy S8.

And now, a solicitation to Samsung

Please stop the Bixby madness. Samsung is a company that claims to be a practical innovator and I strongly believe Bixby is neither practical nor an innovation. You have gone way ahead with your obsession of bringing a rival to every Google product. The list just keeps getting longer, so here is an image for everyone’s reference.

A comparison of Google and Samsung’s software products.

You see, since your devices run on the latest android, they already have a Google assistant and I have to say it does a pretty good job at being an assistant. Sure it needs improvement, but what doesn’t? On top of Google assistant, we now have Bixby which does more or less the exact same thing, plus image recognition. And the fact that you have dedicated a whole new button for it, makes me wonder if it’s for the user or just to get back at Google. Earlier, the button could have been remapped to trigger any app and I have got to tell you, that was pretty dope. Having a separate button, to instantly launch your most used app. But then, you decided to block all other uses and made it only for Bixby, which in my opinion was ridiculous.

So Samsung, stop being adamant and please pay heed to the user feedback. I believe you already know whether people like it or hate it, but if you are still going ahead with your Bixby madness, at least let the users remap the button.

As for the rest, we have every reason to believe that S9 and S9+, will be the best we have ever seen from Samsung.

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