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Can You Use An iPad 3 As Your Daily Driver in 2018?

For obvious reasons I am typing this article in an iPad 3. Of course it is very difficult to type on a touchscreen without a Bluetooth keyboard, but trust me, using Bluetooth keyboard is way worse.

There is something I have to tell. I need to get it out of the way before we dive in. This iPad was my first smart device. If you ask me, that is when all the magic started. I wrote my first article on this iPad and I continued to do so for at least a couple of years from then. During those days, this beautiful little device is the only primary driver for my blog work and it had never failed me. Using this iPad is almost a nostalgic experience. I say almost, because now it feels like a task in itself to use this iPad. As expected the device is extremely sloppy and frustrating to use. More on this later.

So, the question still remains.. Can you or can you not?

Before we jump into answering the question, let’s see what this iPad can really do. Also, you have to understand that this device is 6 years old and there is no way we can compare this device to the snappy fast  AMOLED displays or 16 GB RAM’s that we are so used to hear in modern tablets.


The display has the first generation Retina display. Apple introduced its first Retina display through this iPad and for what its worth the display is still looking amazing. According to me this is much better than any non AMOLED or IPS displays. It rocks AX5 processor with 16 GB memory. Believe me when I say 16 GB model sucks. You can’t really store much of anything and when you use up most of the storage the device starts to lag terribly. The camera is not the best in the market but when it was released this camera was one among the best. It has 5 Mega Pixel rear camera and a 2Mega Pixel front camera. Obviously selfies suck and the picture includes a ton of noise in low light.

There is a bright side for everything and this iPad though it may be old gives an amazing battery life. I have been using this iPad for a month now. I tried to do most of my daily tasks in this iPad, trust me it was not the worst experience. The standby battery life was more than 3 weeks and if you use this device for power hungry tasks like playing games or watching videos, you will still expect a 8 to 9 hour battery life. That is just not what I expected.

However, iPad 3 uses the old 30 pin charging ports. This makes the process of charging your device insanely painful. Lighting port would have been a better choice, but hey, this device is 6 years old.

Design and Aesthetics

The chassis is made of aluminum and the device feels really heavy. If you are planning to take notes standing up, your hands are going to hurt like hell. However, the non uniform distribution of the volume is only seen in primitive models of iPad. I really miss seeing that design in modern Apple products. The usability of the product is great. The way it feels in your hands is just impeccable. If you compare this device with the modern smart displays probably you may not appreciate it that much.


The latest version of iOS is not compatible with this device. You can upgrade till iOS 9.3.5, which means you may probably loose access to the apps in the app-store very soon. Most of the popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, canva, huffpost are not working in this version of OS. That means after an year or so this iPad is useful only to browse the internet and watch some movies. If you are productivity buff, you may probably loose your mind over this device.

Sure, the device feels slow and lagging but if you can bear with that a little,you can probably use this to do the most basic tasks in your daily life. Skype is no longer compatible so forget about getting some work done on the go.

The dual core processor in the heart of this device does bring everything together and makes it usable. For me it was a good experience. You can never compare iPad 3 and iPad latest just like you can’t compare oranges and apples. It was very hard to write this article actually. I loved this device when I first bought it. I have written a lot of articles in this device but to be practical, I really don’t think I can put up with this device more than I should.

If you have a thing for old electronic products then you can go ahead buy one of these in eBay.


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