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Technology Addiction Is Graver Than Anyone Would Have Anticipated!

I have tried to avoid my Smartphone all day and it did not end well! Entirely banishing the smartphone from my life is a difficult thing to do, so I used it only when it was absolutely necessary. I kept the usage, . of my phone minimum by only responding

Here Are The Latest Tech Trends In 2018?

The huge promises made by tech in 2017 are just remarkable and now that we have entered 2018, naturally we grapple for something intangible turned into technology. At CES 2018, the tech they unraveled is just mind blowing.But that is just what the beginning of 2018 can give. There is

How is Blockchain a better shot at privacy and decentralized authentication?

Let's talk about proxy servers, before we go into Blockchain. Privacy is everything in today's internet. We use Virtual Private Networks to connect to remote locations without comprising the integrity of our identity. What we essentially do, is hop over different networks until the host can't retrace the steps back

Porsche Design Made its First Weird Convertible Laptop: What The Heck?!

Porsche cars are work of art. The performance is next level, but what about Porsche Design's Laptop? Hold on a little longer to find out what Techno Vortex thinks about this weird yet intelligent Porsche Design's convertible laptop. Though we are little late to the party, since this laptop was launched

IBM Launches a 20 Qubit Quantum Computer

IBM has been pushing the envelope of modern computing in many ways. The very first commercial usage of computers was made by IBM and later it hosted a cornucopia of modern computing solutions including its sophisticated cloud computing platform. It is no surprise that IBM has entered quantum computing. The

What is a Quantum Computer? Are you gonna get one of these in your houses anytime soon?

Let's start with the classical computer, really. The fundamental units that drive a classical computer, like the one at your house are bits ( 1's and 0's). When such bits are arranged in a particular fashion, they mean something. When such meaning full strings are arranged in rows, they make