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What’s the tech behind a Pixel 2 camera? Is Google trying to make a point here?

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, especially in recent times when camera has become the USP of flagship Smartphones. Dual cameras are a thing now, although they were first seen in as back as 2011. However, it came to limelight when Apple introduced the IPhone 7 plus and the

How is Blockchain a better shot at privacy and decentralized authentication?

Let's talk about proxy servers, before we go into Blockchain. Privacy is everything in today's internet. We use Virtual Private Networks to connect to remote locations without comprising the integrity of our identity. What we essentially do, is hop over different networks until the host can't retrace the steps back

What is Project Treble? Is this the next big thing in Android?

Android versus iOS has been the biggest point of debate in the smartphone industry, and rightly so. Though there is no clear winner here, there is also no denying the fact that when it comes to customization, Android beats iOS any day. On the other hand, iOS is leaps ahead

What is a Quantum Computer? Are you gonna get one of these in your houses anytime soon?

Let's start with the classical computer, really. The fundamental units that drive a classical computer, like the one at your house are bits ( 1's and 0's). When such bits are arranged in a particular fashion, they mean something. When such meaning full strings are arranged in rows, they make

Why should you buy a OnePlus 5T?

OnePlus has always amazed its customers and this time is no exception. By all means OnePlus's comeback with a somewhat bezel less 2017 version just after it released OnePlus 5, would definitely disrupt other smartphone sales - because it is cheaper than other flagships? This has always been its game,