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iMac Pro is up for sale

Apple managed to do another product by the end of 2017 and it's a beast. The iMac Pro is the biggest Apple could get.  They said on Tuesday that the product will be up for sale starting from Thursday. iMac Pro will sport an Intel Xeon processor with AMD graphics

iPhone 2018?

Well, we’ve all seen the top notch bezel-less iPhone Ten. Oh, I mean iPhone X and this brilliance sure comes at a price. With the latest advancements in technology that Apple has implemented in it’s finest device, there are some drawbacks too. And, Apple has it noted already. Out of

What’s with the red?

A lot of cellphone companies are now investing money into the production of a new color series. Companies like Apple and OnePlus are doing great with their usual sales but after this new red joins the production line and the news is lit in the market, the shares go up

Why I Prefer Budget Phones And Why You Should Too.

Why I prefer budget phones over flagships? Let's see what is happening to the world of Smartphones in 2017...... The smart phone market has seen a paradigm shift in the recent 5 to 6 years. But why? Because people are willing to pay $1000 for a smart phone. I can buy two Acer

Should you buy an iPhone 8?

With all the big changes gone in the making of the iPhone Ex or Ten, there were hardly any changes between the iPhone 8 and 7. Most of us were hoping to see an all new(?) iPhone 7s this year, but Apple released two new smartphone devices this year. One for