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Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumor roundup and expectations

Almost 3 months into the release of the Apple IPhone X and we already have news of the upcoming flagship killer, the Galaxy S9. The mobile space has become extremely competitive and as a result brands are pushing flagships as fast as they can, and this time all eyes are

ai.type leaks user data?

Popular Android application ai.type allegedly leaked 31 million user data and it was until 2nd December that they agreed that the fault was on their end. Did the leak affect its users? Did the ratings drop? Do the developers have anything to say about it? Let's find out. ai.type This keyboard application

Why I Prefer Budget Phones And Why You Should Too.

Why I prefer budget phones over flagships? Let's see what is happening to the world of Smartphones in 2017...... The smart phone market has seen a paradigm shift in the recent 5 to 6 years. But why? Because people are willing to pay $1000 for a smart phone. I can buy two Acer